What is the Relationship Between Web Hosting and SEO?

The Internet has unfortunately become a space where there is rampant misinformation. Many a times, in order to enable product or service promotion, the marketing tactics used are often unethical. Things look glamorous and enticing upfront, but the reality is hidden behind layers of terms and conditions and artificiality. Similar is the case when we search for any relation between web hosting and SEO. All we get is affiliate marketing websites ‘promoting content’ and web hosting services.

What is the Relationship Between Web Hosting and SEO

The Business of Affiliates

In the best interests of our valuable customers and readers, KP Webtech, the best SEO company in Chennai has tried to make some sense of the relationship between web hosting and SEO. We have tried to distil the essence of this topic, use our experience and talked to industry experts for some real and authentic advice as detailed below.

Some of the common ranking factors are dependent on web hosting. That is about it. It does not matter whether you host on Amazon or Azure or anything in between. So that is the first point to make clear. This is exactly what affiliates try to pull and eye over. Again, SEO is no easy game. AS SEO experts in Chennai, we can tell you that we take a lot of effort to help achieve success for our customers and the job is only getting more difficult. It is not the lack of capability here, but rather, the frequent algorithm updates and intense competition for organic results. The COVID pandemic has accelerated the transition to the digital sphere and hence, all businesses across all domains are scrambling to make their presence felt.

Some factors that web hosting influences, which in turn governs the SEO attractiveness are

1) Page Speed

Yes. Page speed is a critical factor for SEO. The latest Google updates also place a lot of importance on user experience. Any website that does not load ‘instantly’ means your audience is going to get impatient and chicken out. That means a high bounce rate and that in turn means negative marks in the SEO front. While new technologies like AMP have helped developers to an extent, it is no doubt that hosting still plays a critical role in ensuring success.

The choice of a good hosting depends on the content heaviness of your website and the nature of business you are in. So make a judicious choice and decision considering the same.

2) Nature of Business

Your web hosting is dependent a lot on the nature of your business. Again, hosting is just the land on which you are building the online home of a website. So, if your website is dealing with some business operations in Russia, China or some other countries, it is best to host it there. The whole point of SEO becomes invalidated if your hosting is in the wrong geographic region.

3) Security Matters

Hosting on reputed platforms and having an SSL certificate is a big boost to SEO. Further, the server location matters. The more a server is close to the user, the faster is the loading speed. Of course, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have simplified this. Such CDN service providers also offer additional security like spam protection, protection from Denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks etc. Further, engaging with a reputed hosting service provider means that there are frequent and automated backups. This means that your data and website is safe and secure in the event of any eventuality at either the service provider end or even in the event of an undersea cable failure.

5 Things to Look for in a Hosting Company

  • High Uptime Guarantee
  • Server Location
  • Multiple Options
  • Good Reviews
  • Responsive Support Team

4 Web Hosting Factors That Can Impact SEO

  • Page Loading time
  • Hosting Limitations
  • Location
  • Uptime

Google’s Mueller on Shared Hosting and Ranking Impact

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