What is the Google Local Pack and why does it matter for SEO?

What is Google Pack, and why it matters the most for the SEO business? Let’s have a look at the Google Map pack, the feature it has, and how it can help in ranking high in the local search.

Google Pack- What is it & How it Matters SEO?

Over the last decades, it’s very much important for any business holder to establish and showcase their online presence. By doing so, they can largely build up brand awareness online, and in this way, this can quickly boost sales in the offline world.

So, it’s quite bit necessary for every local business owner to be got noticed, and this can help them by providing them an advantage over their competitors, and for that, they need to be in the top rank in the Google pack.

What Is The Google Map Pack?

Google Pack is a tool that we can easily take for granted. Looking for a famous spa, restaurant, or theatre nearby? This Google maps will pull up the hottest spots near you.

Need of electrician or a plumber for your house or commercial building? Google maps will show you the service provider with the best customer reviews. The Google Map serves a very crucial role to all the users looking for business and to businesses looking to attract customers. It is the prime real estate for businesses hoping for more online and real traffic.

Google Pack is a list of rankings that display the 3 top or the best local businesses in the search result when a user types the keyword like near me or nearby. Google always tends to display all the potential business results that are going to fit with the user queries along with the address of the local businesses.

This feature of Google helps you to locate the location of the business, which is in the search bar near your locality. An additional feature of a separate section on the search result pages will pop-ups on the top of the page, which display the 3 best and the most relevant search results.

The result of the search varies depending on the location and query of the user. Google always tends to list out all the results that are closest to the location of the user and related to the query of the customer.

Whenever a Google search is performed, the Google local pack search results always tend to appear in the top position 93% of the time. Through this only, the local business can get an opportunity to outrank the national and all other global organizations for all those local-related searches.

Looking at the immense benefits of the Google Local pack, it becomes very much more important than ever to optimize the local search result ranking and implement all those various Google local packs to improve the traffic or the click rate on your local business website.

Why Google Pack Matters for SEO?

Google Pack is the ideal means which can take up any prime real estate in the Google local search results. This is the most important placement for any business as the 1st spot gets the highest click-through rate of all listings.

There is a need to employ local SEO strategies to rank high in the map pack. Map Pack matters for SEO as it can be a significant driver of all the organic traffic, but it must be optimized correctly.

Several benefits can be availed by optimizing the Google Map, which includes-

  1. More local traffic: A higher click-through rate from the Google Map Pack results from better placement, which increases traffic to the website of your company.
  2. More Organic traffic: Being listed high in the Map Pack increases the likelihood that customers will use Google Maps to find your physical location since they will see your business as one of the top results when searching for a company.
  3. Competitive advantage: Gaining a higher ranking in the Google Map Pack may draw in more visitors and encourage them to contact your company directly. Your company might receive more leads as a result of this.
  4. More Phone calls: Gaining more visibility for your company by placing higher than your rivals in the Map Pack may result in more sales, client testimonials, and general customer traffic. This can make all the difference in a market that is competitive.
  5. Enterprise SEO: Users are quicker to respond and more likely to access your listing while on the go because the Map Pack takes up the majority of the visual space on a mobile phone screen.
  6. More Mobile Traffic: Users frequently skip businesses that don't fit the criteria for a particular location, which can be a major problem if you run a big business. A significant source of traffic for your business can come from geo-specific listings for your physical locations.

Fields and features of Google local pack

The Google pack seems to be providing the best features for businesses and consumers- most of it is going to provide a better user experience.

Google maps have a goal of making it easier for the users to find and interact with the business they are looking for in the local search.

Few important Google Map features are provided to a marketer or any business owner-

  1. Business name: The company name; users can access the complete Google Business Profile listing by clicking the hyperlinked business name.
  2. Rating: Reviews' quantity and quality are typically shown as a number (out of 5) and stars.
  3. Price: The assumed price of a company's goods or services; typically represented by a string of dollar signs, such as $$$
  4. Address: The business's physical address
  5. Open/Closed: Based on a company's business hours, specifies whether it is open or closed at the moment.
  6. Hours: The days and times that a place of business is open or closed (open to close)
  7. Description: A succinct summary of the company (e.g., "Seasonal Italian cuisine & wine pairings")
  8. Service options: Indicates whether a company offers delivery, dine-in, online ordering, in-store pickup, etc.
  9. Tag: A distinguishing characteristic (such as "India" or "SEO Company in chennai")

Users can also contribute to Google Maps to update all the listings and add additional information.

How Do I Rank In The Google Map Pack?

Ranking in the Google Map Pack cannot be accomplished in a single, surefire way.

Instead, in order to increase one's local ranking and rank in the Map Pack, one must use a variety of local SEO techniques.

The following are some essentials for ranking in Google Maps:

  1. Create A Google Business Profile listing
  2. Optimize Your Listing & Get Reviews
  3. Embed Google Maps On Your Website
  4. Optimize For The Google Local Pack To Get More Traffic

What Can KP Webtech Do To Help?

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