What Are Display Ads? Display Advertising Explained and Brand On Top of Prospects’ Mind Using Display Ads

What Are Display Ads? Display Advertising Explained and Brand On Top of Prospects’ Mind Using Display Ads

To run a business essentially, advertisements are the best source to outrage things. And amongst this competitive business world, it is very difficult to reach the best marketing strategies for any kind of business. So usually, the advertisements are carried out in different ways and they are performed by various means.

What is great with the display ads?

For any new customer, these display ads will bring two best things to be experienced as,

  • It’ll help you to build the most valuable and recognizable brand
  • It’ll help you to rank your brand top on each and every customer’s mind

These are a kind of visual-based ads stuffs and contain graphics that displays on the websites, mobile apps, or in the social media. Some of the common graphical interfaces include, texts, images, videos, and it includes audio also. The best Google display ads will never fail to achieve the two crucial elements for their customers.

The main reason that all the businesses put their efforts on advertisements is that, it’ll primarily help them to attract their prospects and drive more sales.

But, how much does it cost?

The cost of the display ads relies mostly on the cost per click events happened. That is, every time when someone clicks to get into your landing page you are payable to.

Use case for display ads:

Before looking into the display ads, it is important to take a deeper look into the Google Ads services network which is the search network. This acts as a channel for the marketers to make people dive in to their websites and make people to use it. These are highly hyper-targeted. So, when you promote your ads using just the billboards, it is just reaching the cars or vehicles passing by the highway. But at the same time, when you pay for the ad and make it specific to the target audience, the reach rate is highly efficient. There is a research from Google that the Google display network will reach 90 percent of the users worldwide, who are highly targeted specific to your own businesses.

On top, we discussed about the Google display networks and let’s find how it’s meant for targeting the users?

When you are trying to target more users then you can use these Google display networks to get these things done more efficiently. This is serving the best option for most of the marketers, where almost billions of websites are brought together to advertise the same ad. There are also display networks available in apple and Facebook, but Google serves almost 2 million sites to make your ads display!

Availing the best targeting options:

Two things are important to note that where and when to display and project your ad, and in that case there are some aspects that we need to look into to target more audience. They include, age, gender, relationship status, house income, and race.

Types of display ads:

In the webpage or the website that we hover, these display ads are much interactive as it has elements like texts, videos, graphics and audios at times. Based on these elements, the display ads are categorized into;

  • Text ads: The display ads where we use hyperlinks based on texts
  • Image ads: The display ads that contain images to attract the users and engage them on the site
  • HTML ads: The display ads that contain more interactive elements when compared to the other type

In order to be more specific, the display ads can be further classified as, banner ads, rich media ads, interstitial ads, and many more.

Banner ads: These are similar to the digital billboards and they are located in the highly traffic areas to gain more audience. These ads usually contain some images on the webpage and are located at the front, bottom or side of the website. The advantage is that these banner ads won’t give a bad experience to the users by disturbing them in between their search.

Rich media ads: They are also known as interactive ads and they are more into HTML formats. They contain a lot of interactive elements stuffed in it and make people to engage more with the website. Some of the rich media contents include videos, GIF’s, audio and many other types of video. A dual functionality! You can make your product visible and at the same time help people to understand the functionality of the same.

Interstitial ads: When you open any webpage or app, this pops up like an image or HTML ads and they’ll cover the screen. Unavoidably, the users are forced to look into the content in that ad and only if the user clicks them away, they can do their search. But, we need to ensure that the ads are popped up at the right time, rather than annoying the users.

How to find an effective display ad?

Call to action: CTA’s are helpful for more conversions and if you make your landing page more actionable then you can do more conversions using call to action feature with more precise and clear information.

Landing page: You need to ensure that the display ads are not leading to any of your old pages. The banner and the landing page must use the same kind of design elements to make it as the latest page. You need to know how to create the best landing page and how it’s effectively used into Google.

Ad copy: Make sure that your ad copy contains the best headline, the most readable descriptions with offers and promotions, and some images that are suitable to the ad.

Ad size:You must be very careful while designing you ad size and some of the Google recommendations include, for medium rectangle – 300 x 250, for half page – 300 x 600, for large mobile banner – 320 x 100 and so on. Your impressions, reach, click-through rate, and conversion rates will determine you performance of the display ads efficiency.

Why KP Webtech?

The best Google display ads network leads to a bigger achievement of your business branding. KP Webtech helps you in the process of tracking your performance by all means and by using banners, sidebars and also text ads. The leading google adwords service in Chennai find the best way to get started with your specific domain and through the best Google ads you can manage and run via Google display network.

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