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1) Website designing company in Chennai can add value with SEO friendly web design and website development

2) Some factors that go in behind the scenes

Let us face it. Google dominates online search like no other. While that is good from a statistic point of view, what underlies it is the business potential that is possible by mastering how Google goes on to rank a page. About 70% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, and this speaks volumes about the massive amount of Google will take to retain the leadership position.

Some of the advantages of a first page rank in Google are

1) Brand awareness

By being right where your customers are, you create excellent awareness of what you do and what you stand for

2) Increased business

When you are in front for everyone to see, you generate business leads. This, in turn, can be converted to achieve higher business growth and revenue.

3) Trust and authenticity

Google is a trusted source of information, and when they rank you on the first page, then consumers are drawn to your website and thereby your business.

To achieve a good rank in SEO, it is a no brainer that solid web design is extremely important. KP Webtech is a leading website designing company in Chennai. Based on years of experience as a logo web design company in Chennai and eCommerce development company in Chennai, we utilize some of the below points to enhance the SEO potential of our customers.

1) Openness, SEO research and technical strength

A website designing company in Chennai must have a good culture of openness and honesty. They should interact with the customer to understand the specific needs. Further, before committing on the project, they should be capable enough to research the keywords involved and give a realistic picture to the customer on what the possibilities are. Google has over 200 factors to rank a website and hence, it is extremely important that the website designing company in Chennai be technically strong as changes can be powerful and transformative when Google rolls out periodic updates.

2) Speed

Yes. The speed with which a website loads is a key ranking factor and can really make or break the deal. If a web page is slow to load, individuals lose patience and travel away. Thus a high bounce rate will adversely affect the ranking of the website. An AMP technology can be used in cases absolutely necessary. More information on AMP from the leading website development company in Chennai is here.

3) Mobile Friendly

The world is driven by the ‘thumb’ (forgive the pun here!). With smart devices becoming cheap, it is imperative that the designed to be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website has the following advantages

  • It shows that the business cares for customers and is willing to adopt technology
  • It gives a positive ranking signal to Google
  • For the business, it gives strong positioning and flexibility

Almost 60% of search traffic is coming from mobile devices. Further, if a website is not mobile responsive, then it will have a high bounce rate and low click back time. Google watches both these factors and they will pull you down in ranking if not attended to. KP Webtech is the best mobile responsive website development company in Chennai and details are available here.

4) Website Navigation and SEO friendly coding

Navigation within the website should be easy and satisfy both the users who come in and the spider that crawls to index. Since the bot is AI-based, good semantic sense must be considered in designing the menus and ensuring that the options are laid out correctly and well. Coding must be neat, follow the best practices and SEO friendly SEO Company in chennai.

5) Website content

Plagiarism-free website content is vital for good SEO. Further, the researched keywords must be organically infused and also used in appropriate places throughout the web page. There should be an internal link strategy as well as an external link strategy. Good SEO traffic will help achieve a high rank in SEO and drive qualified traffic to your website. The purpose of the page, content quality, amount of content, relevance and keywords embedded in the content are some of the leading factors considered by Google to rank a page. EAT (Expertise-Authority and Trustworthiness) is an important consideration. KP Webtech has the best content writers in Chennai. With the experience of having worked in different business verticals and delivering measurable results, we have helped businesses scale high peaks with our content prowess.

6) Website Security

Google usually sends out notifications to registered users when their website security is not up to the mark. Users need trust, and any website that is blacklisted will face a tough time in getting back on its feet. The best way to achieve website security is to show that you have an HTTPS domain by purchasing an SSL certificate from a reputed source. KP Webtech is a reputed SSL certificate provider in Chennai. More details are available here.

The above are only some of the factors that go behind in making a website SEO friendly. Contact KP Webtech, the best website designing company in Chennai for more details, and we will be more than glad to share our knowledge on what has made us the best web design company in Chennai.

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