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Whenever we look up for a web development company in Chennai in Google or call some aggregator like Suleka or Justdial, we are flooded with options. Whether you are looking for a website redesign in Chennai, new website development in Chennai or eCommerce website development in Chennai, you have numerous vendors to engage with. We have discussed in previous articles how to choose a good web design company in Chennai and Website redesign company in chennai.

Now based on those tips, if you have selected a web development company in Chennai, we help you with your onward journey with our suggestions below

Best Practises for Website Development in Chennai

1) Document Requirements

Web Development Company in Chennai

When you engage with a web development company in Chennai, always be clear with your requirements. Discuss with your prospective vendor and ensure that both of you are on the same page. Ask the vendor to prepare a requirements document and ensure that your team signs off the same.

2) Technology

Be aware of technology limitations and encourage your vendor to be transparent in this regard. Choice of the platform and technology is extremely important since it will determine whether you can scale up based on the operations or will need to go in for a completely new development after a certain stage. Depending on the budget, business and future plans, have an open discussion with your web development company in Chennai to take the best road and strategy to success.

The best Web Development Company in Chennai

3) Domain Purchase, hosting and SSL certificate

Agree on the domain name to be purchased and the relevant extension based on the availability. Also ensure that you ask the web development company in Chennai to purchase an SSL certificate from a reputed source. SSL affirms your identity and gives a better search ranking on Google. Further, it improves customer trust and protects data. Just as you need to keep periodically renewing your domain name, the SSL certificates will also need renewal. Check with the website redesign company in Chennai where the website is going to be hosted. Ensure that you take an informed decision depending on the expected traffic and further investment in online marketing and scale up plans as necessary.

Web Development Company in Chennai

4) Business Email

Another important consideration apart from the domain, hosting and SSL certificate is the business email. What service provider are you going to use and what will be the cost involved? A recommended option is to go in for a G Suite package.G Suite is an extremely cost-effective and reliable package with a plethora of applications. Further, it offers easy sharing and integration and is simple to use and maintain. Data security and confidentiality is also assured, with user right definitions, two-factor authentication and other features.

Also check whether your website development company in Chennai offers reliable business email support services in Chennai. Other options apart from G Suite include Outlook, webmails like round cube, Rediff mail and Zoho email.

5) Agree on the project management method

There are different project management methodologies like agile, waterfall or hybrid. Agree with the team, especially on complex eCommerce projects on the sprints and other review methods beforehand. A clear process, timeline and cost agreement is necessary before you proceed to ensure streamlines output.

6) Change Requests

Depending on the complexity of the web development project, there may be a need for changes and alterations. Have open discussions with the web development company in Chennai about change requests and how they are going to be handled. The company must be supportive and understand your needs and requirements clearly.

7) User Interface Designs

The web development company in Chennai must be able to provide good UI designs. A professional and creative company can provide several choices and not just variations of the same design. Further, they will have in-depth knowledge about fonts, use of suitable pictures and infographics to convey ideas, among others. They will also be able to understand your specific needs regarding colour shades and make proactive suggestions based on the same.

8) Testing and Deployment

Ensure that your website is tested well before deployment. Agree on all the testing processes at the time of signing the agreement. This will give absolute surety on the final deployment. Include some penalty clauses to ensure that the web developers in Chennai are held accountable for what they do.

9) Support and Maintenance

Websites are also like a car. They need regular maintenance to ensure that they are secure and reflect the latest technology trends. Ensure that you have a fair support agreement in place for mundane things like domain renewal and also for other aspects like technology upgrades.

Technical Stack

The common application frame works used are listed below. The breadth of expertise shows why were are the best laravel web development company, the top angular website development company, a leading codeigniter web development company and the best php web development company in Chennai.

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