Some Soul searching and Homework

Yes. Self-analysis is very important. You cannot engage with a web design company in Chennai without knowing what you need. It need not be a very precise definition either. Do some homework, analyse your competitors and be ready. This is especially true if you are looking to position your brand and website against competition or have higher plans.

Web Design Company in Chennai and Google Rankings

When you enter the search term web design company in Chennai or seo services in Chennai or logo design company in Chennai, you get a huge number of results. Now, this plethora of choices itself makes choosing the right company so difficult. There are over 300 web design companies in Chennai, and while the number of spots available on the first page of Google is limited, it does not mean that those not in the list are not good.

Further, to get a keyword ranked in Google for terms like web design company in Chennai or content writers in Chennai will need some SEO to be done. Many web design companies are pure design driven companies and may not engage in SEO

So Google is not exactly the ideal barometer to gauge the design strength of a web design company in Chennai. It gives you a choice and shows results but does not help judge competency. Further, Google reviews are not exactly reliable, and it is easy to pull down the ratings or push up the ratings by black hat techniques and manipulation.

So the wise thing to do before starting a web design project or looking for a web design company in Chennai will be

  • Ask your contacts if they have worked with some digital media agency in Chennai
  • Write an RFP and circulate to prospective web design companies in Chennai

But if your web project is short, then it is not wise to invest time in an RFP. Some of the pointers to identify a good company are below

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Sample Questions to Ask Web Designers in Chennai

1) What is your approach given these are my basic project outlines?

Understanding the approach to a project based on the outline supplied is very important. A professional web development company in Chennai will focus on the design and on delivering a user-centric experience. Further, they will ask many questions regarding your brand and aspirations and also be totally transparent about the development timeline and methodologies involved. Novices will either beat about the bush or give evasive replies.

2) Can you give me some examples of similar work or projects?

Some technical questions to the prospect based on the portfolio supplied will give an idea about their expertise and level of understanding. It will also help to easily discern the moonlighters from professionals. A good web design company will not only share their portfolio but will also talk to you in detail about how they accomplished customer goals and created a winning solution, not to mention the lessons they learnt along the way.

3) Can I meet your team? How much of your web design in Chennai do you outsource?

Google again has limitations as it is only a text-based search engine. So it is possible to put up a fancy website, get the SEO done and rank on top, without theoretically having a solid company. Many outsourced service providers engage in this practice

By asking to meet the team, you know if you are engaging with a good company or with freelancers or with companies who are outsourcing their leads to subcontractors. Also, an open question about outsourcing will open a new vista and add clarity to your endeavors.

4) Are you open to making design changes and inputs?

How much ever you prepare, there will always be changes once a project reaches the implementation phase. Some of them maybe because of sudden market shifts, while others may be out of necessity. A good web design company in Chennai will be open to such changes and will be transparent in the way they bill. During the discussion phase itself, they will make provisions for this aspect and engage proactively with the customer. This again can be used as a gauge for an experienced seo company in Chennai.

5) Does your design support SEO or online marketing efforts?

If you are looking for some online marketing or SEO, website design also plays a critical role. If you are looking to tap into these avenues, then a partner with a proper understanding of these technicalities is vital.

Why Choose KP Webtech?

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Technical Stack

Below are some of the technology tools and languages we are conversant in. As a top website redesign agency,
we keep ourselves abreast of the latest technology developments.

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