Twitter’s New Verification System Has Blue for Business, gives brands the Gold checkmark

Twitter is resuming its verification process with a brand-new checkmark for corporate accounts after a brief vacation.

The new verification system that Twitter is introducing includes gold checkmarks for companies and distinctive markings for official accounts.

Twitter’s New Verification System Has Blue & Gold Checkmarks

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, introduced the Blue Verified programme, which allowed anyone to acquire a blue checkmark for a $8 monthly subscription, but issues were discovered during the program's initial launch.

To prevent users from exploiting the blue checkmark to spoof other identities, several protections have been put in place.

For business accounts, a new coloured checkmark has been added, and there are new requirements that users must satisfy before being awarded a verified badge.

More information regarding Twitter verification's adjustments can be found here.

Twitter Verified – Blue Checkmark

Twitter Verified – Blue Checkmark

Internal documents obtained by Casey Newton of Platformer in November suggested that Musk-owned Twitter plans to introduce a subscription tier for businesses that would let them buy the verification badges for both their official handles and employees. Blue for Business is not something that will suddenly appear; it has been on Musk's to-do list for some time.

Famous security researcher Jane Manchun Wong added that "Blue for Business" subscribers' profiles would have square rather than circular profile photos.

If you sign up using a web browser, Twitter is bringing back its Blue Verified subscription programme at the original price of $8 per month.

It will cost an extra $3 per month to subscribe through Twitter's iOS app, according to Musk, who claims that this is necessary to cover Apple's revenue on in-app transactions.

To combat impersonation, Twitter has added an account review stage to the sign-up process.

  1. Complete: Your account has a display name and profile photo
  2. Active: There’s activity on your account within the past 30 days.
  3. Secure: Your account is older than 90 days and has an actual phone number.
  4. Non-Deceptive: There are no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username.

There must be no indications that your account is false or misleading.

There must be no indications of platform manipulation or spam activity in your account.

When a member of the Twitter team manually analyses your account and determines that it complies with the requirements, your account will be given the blue checkmark.

The following advantages, in addition to the blue checkmark, are slated to launch soon on Twitter:

  1. Priority placement in replies, mentions, and search results.
  2. 50% fewer advertisements.
  3. Publishing longer videos.

Accounts that have already been validated using the legacy criteria will still have the checkmark. Twitter won't accept any new requests to verify accounts under the previous standards, though.

Twitter Verified – Gold Checkmark

Twitter Verified – Gold Checkmark

Twitter now distinguishes between verified businesses and verified people using gold checkmarks.

The blue checkmarks on businesses that were previously verified by Twitter's prior system will immediately change to gold.

Twitter will soon make it possible for more companies to apply for gold checkmarks, according to product lead Esther Crawford.

Business accounts can enrol in the standard Blue Verified programme in the interim, but they will first see a blue checkmark.

Twitter Verified – “Official” Labels

Twitter is adding a "Official" badge to the following account categories along with a blue or gold checkmark:

  1. Government accounts
  2. Political organizations (such as parties)
  3. Commercial companies & business partners
  4. Major brands
  5. Media outlets & publishers
  6. Other public figures

Musk said a few weeks ago that government accounts would have a grey checkmark to distinguish them from those of people and companies. That update has not yet been released, though.

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