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Why is Product Packaging so Important? - Industry Today

Judging books by their cover – first impressions are important and the packaging on a product matters just as much as the product itself.

It is no secret that all consumers want a brand with which they can connect. Any brand that is able to establish this connection is provided a chance to prove itself. Consider the case of walking across an aisle in the supermarket. How many times have you stopped to just pick up something that seemed new or interesting or had a ‘different’ packaging design? How many times have you seen ‘copycat’ brands with almost the same packaging and colour scheme as the established ones, but with a different twist?

Yes, it takes a keen eye to discern. But more importantly, it is thus no secret that the packaging is as important as the brand and the product quality itself. Though we may say that one should not just a book just by the cover or that beauty is only skin deep, it is no secret that psychologically, we are ‘wired’ to notice things. And it is in noticing things that we start the cycle of decision making.

Packaging plays a vital role in protecting the product, be it a shampoo or a snack. However, the spectrum of materials varies and so do the shapes and the basic substratum. Hence, good design is about bringing an all-round perspective and having a knowledge of several areas apart from design like print technology, typesetting and the like.

Some of the top factors that make a good product design are

1) How unique is the design?

A good product design needs to make the product stand out. It is only then that one can attract the attention of users. Once they try your product, if they like the quality, they will surely come back. But the main point is that users will need to try your product and the best method to induce them to act is with a unique design. A strong aesthetic sense and a design-thinking approach is the key to delivering a unique design.

2) Can the Brand Be Recognized?

Brand recognition is an equally powerful matter. Along with the packaging, the brand needs to stand out. Only then will there be a recall and the value will also be recognized. What is the use in just having an attractive packaging without a corresponding brand or name to recall?

3) How Good is the Content and Communication?

Content and communication are very important factors. The legal and statutory details must be clearly presented, visible and easily understandable. The product information, what it does and what it stands for must be clearly communicated. Honesty is an important tenet, and all images and product information must be realistic. Further, the product must communicate its value and how it can positively impact the consumer’s life for it to create a positive impression and complete the buying cycle.

4) What is the Personality?

Every brand, product and offering has a unique personality of its own and it is targeted towards a particular audience. The packaging design company in Chennai must understand the value of the brand and the proposition before taking on the assignment. Only if this personality is correctly captured and the essence delivered, will the launch be a success. Product and packaging differentiation are as key an aspect as the product itself!

Main functions of product packaging

  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Information
  • Differentiation

How to create attractive product packaging

  • What product are you selling?
  • Who is going to buy your product?
  • What is my brand aesthetic?

Why KP Webtech for Product Package Design?

KP Webtech is an organization of digital natives with a passion for design. We are a leading product packaging design company in Chennai and our design expertise is across the entire spectrum – be it digital, print or anything in between. We bring a thoughtful approach and our strength lies in balancing colours, font, product and brand aspirations and any other factors to deliver a holistic and well-rounded solution. Our ideas are bright and we weave strategic foresight to help you succeed. No wonder, we are reputed for our delivery prowess and are often referred to as the best logo design company in Chennai and Brochure Designing Company Chennai.

Additionally, we deliver top value with our content and SEO services.

Thus, any business or brand that approaches us is sure to succeed not only based on our creative solutions, but also based on our delivery prowess.

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