What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is also called a TLS certificate. It is a bit code providing security to transactions and communication via the www. Users from all over the globe interact with a website via a browser. So when the connection is established, having an SSL certificate ensures that the connection is encrypted. This means that data is secure, the domain has a verified owner and it is not a spoofed website that you are interacting with.

Benefits of an SSL certificate

The following are the benefits of an SSL certificate.

1) Data Protection

SSL certificates help encrypt data between the browser and the server. Thus, any communication that happens will be totally secure. While you may wonder, how that matters when you are doing something routine like reading the news, it does create a cause when you are engaging in online transactions, checking email etc. A totally secure pathway means that mischievous elements will be unable to break the path and swindle your details.

2) Identity Affirmation

How does one person recognize another when they are total strangers but need to interact? It is using some means and forms of identification. The same is true for transactions on the world wide web. To gain an SSL certificate, a website must be validated by an independent third party called a certifying authority. This bias-free approach ensures that only valid businesses and websites get the certificate. This additionally means that phishing and fake website creation is prevented. Once your identity is affirmed, your visitors can browse in peace and your reputation is additionally enhanced.

3) SEO…SEO!!

Google ranks an SSL certificate as one of the critical factors to search engine optimization (SEO). This means that if you are trying to gain a foothold in organic SEO rankings, an SSL certificate is the simplest way to start on the right foot. Way back from 2010, Google has been encouraging website developers and webmasters to adopt an SSL certificate. In the case of websites that do not have an SSL certificate and have recently adopted one, there is a 40% improvement in performance. KP Webtech has the best SEO company in Chennai and graphic design company in Chennai. Hence, when we go in for SEO implementation, we ensure that every website handled by us has a reliable SSL certificate attached to it.

It is pertinent to note that since 2018, Google has made the presence of an SSL certificate compulsory for a website to get indexed in the Google database.

4) Data Analytics Reliability

Having an SSL certificate also means that all Google Analytics reports are captured correctly. This means that when you use the data, you are assured that you are looking at the correct numbers. This will help plan things better. After all, the reliability of the data is the key to making data-driven decisions, thereby assuring success.

5) Enhanced User Experience

Browsers show a lock symbol to indicate that a website has an SSL certificate and is secure. This gives a sense of security and satisfaction to end-users. Providing a safe browsing experience enhances the overall reputation of the website. It has been statistically found that 84% of users will move out of a transaction if they find out that the website is insecure. As the best web design company in Chennai, KP Webtech ensures that every customer is educated about these factors and a holistic result is achieved.

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