Tips for Businesses to Bounce Back (Post-Covid) - SEO After COVID-19: Opportunities to Start Working on Now

It is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has roiled the world and businesses. But all said, we have noticed a few positive points here.

  • We as humans will emerge stronger and are clearer on our priorities now.
  • What was once thought of as impossible like working from home is now an accepted part of the new normal.
SEO After COVID-19

While people being cooped at home means more time is being spent online, it also means that businesses have to take a look at the larger perspective and invest in the right areas to achieve success in the post pandemic era. Remember, there has been a fundamental shift in thinking across all levels and demographics and being on the right side of this shift is the key to survival and success.

KP Webtech, a leading SEO company in Chennai, and a web design company in Chennai has analysed over 300 businesses across different verticals to come up with the below general action points.

Analyse your business touchpoints

Yes. The first and foremost point is to take a re-look at how your business is performing, what the dependencies are and what the touchpoints are. There is no point in investing in SEO or digital marketing if you are a supplier of spare parts to an automotive major. The business in such a case works differently. But if you are looking to make a foray into a consumer facing business or to expand your footprint internationally, then there is some point in going in for digital marketing.

tips for businesses to bounce back (post-covid)

Content Strategy Wins

Yes. You read it right. Have a clear content strategy. Content does not mean text alone. It is a combination of blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram are all other means. Map your business based on the touch points to the appropriate audiences and where you expect to find them. If the predominant audiences are only on LinkedIn, so be it. Taylor your strategy and focus accordingly.

Always remember that whatever be the level, communication is the key. Communicating lucidly in simple terms, plain language and grammatically correct English is the key. If you are looking for the best SEO content writer in Chennai to support you, KP Webtech can lend you a hand!

Invest in Online Marketing

With people staying indoors, the easiest and best method to reach them will be via online marketing. Create and start making a presence on social media. Send our emailers and keep reminding people of your presence and how best you can serve them. SEO is another key area. But you will need a good partner in this niche.

SEO is often a blackhole with many players claiming quick results. In reality, SEO is a game that is best played at a medium pace with a close watch. Google is notorious in its update of algorithms, some silently and some with announcements. But the underlying truth is that they are always on the lookout for original, valuable and sensible content. The other aspects like back links etc are now only a secondary feature. Further, the latest updates now place a lot of importance on the way the coding flows and pages displayed. Also, user experience is a very important factor. Thus, everything is linked. Your website should work well and be coded properly, keeping user experience in mind. Content should be original and SEO strategies legal.

Thus, this is a complete package. KP Webtech is a leading Local SEO company in Chennai who can deliver total value at all these touchpoints. We are a complete digital marketing company in Chennai and handhold clients from beginning to end.

Be Data Driven

Data is the new king apart from content. Any decision must be based on sound metrics. With data, you can check on what is working, what is not working and what must be tweaked. Data collection methods, analytics and more are the key. KP Webtech is absolutely transparent in all these aspects. No wonder, we have been acknowledged by clients to be the best google adwords company in chennai. Right from our reasonable pricing to impeccable service, we are top notch.

Manage Time

You cannot be everywhere and be successful in everything. This is where the step of analysing your business touchpoints plays a pivotal role. Spend time on the most viable and valuable avenues and keep updating your list of most urgent and what is merely desirable. Work towards the list in a systematic fashion. There are a lot of free technology tools available, right from the Office 365 package itself to online boards like Trello or software like Slack where you can collaborate and communicate. Separate the wheat from the chaff and get your priorities right.

KP Webtech as an extended partner can act as real enablers and we are very strong in our commitment to customers and our delivery. We analyse any project and openly communicate the possibilities. Thus, if you are looking beyond just logo design company in Chennai or a web development company in Chennai, we can fit your bill.

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