Reasons Why Choose WordPress for Website Development and Security Aspects to Look Out For

Reasons Why Choose WordPress for Website Development and Security Aspects to Look Out For

WordPress has been a gamechanger in the Content Management System (CMS) arena and over 30% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. Based on an open-source framework, WordPress has empowered developers across geographies and helped brands and businesses achieve top value. While it is written in PHP, it works across a number of platforms including Unix, Linux and Windows.

The top reasons to choose WordPress for development are

1) It’s free but delivers value

Usually, the words free and value do not match. WordPress is an exception to this norm. Any scale up of the website based on traffic will require only a minuscule investment and hey, if your website traffic is increasing, your business is on the growth trajectory anyway! Hence, it is worthwhile to invest to expand!

2) Easy to customise and is responsive

WordPress development is a platform that can be used by even novices to get started. There are a number of tools, themes and other tips and tricks available for customization, making it child’s play to get started. Further, all websites are responsive and thus, you can stop fretting about how it will look on a mobile devise, tablet etc. No sweat and all easy! In case you want a professional touch, contact the KP Webtech, the best WordPress development company in Chennai, and we can help!

3) Support Community and Plugins

The support available for WordPress is unmatched and there are many volunteer groups and forums for you to engage in as you cut your teeth. Further, ready plugins are available which help to automate tasks, takes care of loading speeds and other related tasks. Thus, if you are looking to design an SEO friendly website that satisfies the requirements of Google algorithms, then WordPress is a good place to start.

4) Social media Integration

Ride the wave of the social media revolution by integrating all handles seamlessly on to your website. With WordPress Development, you have an economical and enduring technology platform and thus the remaining work will only be in promoting your website, products or services and in business expansion in scope, value and revenue.

Considering the above, the factors to consider in WordPress security are

1) Hosting

You park your money in a good bank right? The same goes with hosting your website. Use the hosting services of a reliable service provider and enjoy inherent data security and url validity. Further, website migration, maintenance and loading speeds will also depend on the hosting. So make a wise choice here.

2) Make security and performance a part of development

Make security a part of your development process and refactor code as necessary. The use of tools like Raygun and Sonarcube for checking the performance and security can also help. Install security plugins from reputed sources and an SSL certified purchased from a reputed source. All of the above can also help with SEO since Google places huge importance on website performance and security. Hide .htaccess and wp-config.php files. However, ensure that you make a proper backup before you do the same. This will protect against malicious attacks.

Limit the login attempts available and have a strong backup in place. Login attempts can be disabled by installing relevant plugins. Always ensure that you regularly update the WordPress versions and plugins. However, have a proper version control in place. Any update missed out is a vulnerability that needs to be fixed. A vulnerability will mean easy access to malicious players or programs.

3) Passwords are Important

It is stupid to have a password like 1234 or anything similar and laziness is one habit that does not match with password security. Go in for multi-factor authentication. Also, have a strong password that is a combination of various symbols and text. There are a number of tips and tricks available for creating and remembering a strong password. Study up and move ahead. Your WordPress admin login URL can be changed and additional security like 2-factor authentication or a security question can be put in. This is reducing the chance of brute-force attacks and also spammy registrations, which are commonplace in case a common or generic URL is used.

4) Disable right clicks

When the website goes live, disable right clicks and any other ability to edit files. Always ensure that you have a clean coding interface. This will also make it easy to notice any malicious code that may be injected. Ensure that under no circumstance, admin rights and access to the design dashboard and WordPress admin panel is given out to unknown persons.

10 WordPress Tips to Make Your Website Secure

  1. Choose a Good Hosting Company
  2. Don’t Use Nulled Themes
  3. Install a WordPress Security Plugin
  4. Use a Strong Password
  5. Disable File Editing
  6. Install SSL Certificate
  7. Change your WP-login URL
  8. Limit Login Attempts
  9. Hide wp-config.php and .htaccess files
  10. Update your WordPress version

Why KP Webtech for WordPress Website Development?

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