What are Core Web Vitals?

How does a developer or a system understand how a user is interacting with a page? This is what core web vitals help decipher. As a leading SEO company in Chennai, KP Webtech has long discerned that page loading, ease of interaction and web page stability are the main contributing factors to online success. These are some of the basics of core web vitals.

What areas do Core Web Vitals focus on?

Core web vitals focus on loading (Largest Contentful Paint), Interactivity (First Input Delay) and Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift). While the focus has long been on on-page optimization and content, this latest Google search update with a focus on user experience and core vitals has done justice to programmers and coders. As the best web design company in Chennai, we have a great understanding of the technical side of SEO and this is what we will optimize to ensure client success.

It requires good knowledge of programming, design thinking, quality and performance metrics to get it right. More details are below.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):

It measures the page load speed on what is visible. Thus, whatever content is being viewed by the person on the page, how fast does it load is the question. Content in other areas is not considered. Any LCP within 2.5 seconds is considered good.

First Input Delay (FID):

First input delay is a measure of the latency. If a user inputs something on the screen, how long will it take for the element in the page to respond to the user? FID records events like clicks and a FID below 100 milliseconds is considered good.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS):

Are the content and images being pushed around as the user reads? If yes, we have a problem. Visual stability of a page is extremely important to users. Otherwise, they will get irritated. CLS is a metric to measure the visual stability.

What Are the Expected Implications of this Update?

The implications of this update are simply that the programming side of web pages is now being brought into focus. Some of the key areas to focus on will be

  • Use techniques of lazy loading optimally, so that images load as the page is being scrolled down.
  • Work on Javascript execution and see how much of it is used where. Split the code into chunks and defer any unused Javascript codes.
  • Using content delivery networks. This will enlarge your global footprint in the sense that the server is closer to the use and the web page loads faster.
  • Optimizing image sizes and compressing them. Using jpg for images and png for graphics is recommended.
  • Resize images and videos, define the width and ensure they are framed properly.
  • Optimize and improvise server performance.
  • Content is still important and all said, Google has explicitly mentioned that a good page experience is not the only metric. Good content will override the page experience factor in ranking metrics.

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