How KP Webtech Uses Design Thinking to Become the Top Website Development Company

We understand that websites are for human beings. Even though you may add a million components to a basic website to make it ‘Google’ and SEO friendly, the fact of the matter is that websites are still for human beings. We want our prospects and customers to come and visit us and have a fundamental understanding of our products and services before they engage with us. It is a matter of putting our entire ability and warehouse in front of the customer and allowing them to engage on a level they need.

How KP Webtech Uses Design Thinking to Become the Top Website Development Company

But this has a number of challenges. Customers are finicky and impatient. If they are looking for something and we do not directly present it to them, then they will just walk away even though we may offer the best products and services on the planet. This is especially true when we are a new brand and we have only a short time to impress our customers.

As a top website development company in Chennai, KP Webtech has helped brands launch, grow and thrive and this article throws light on how we achieved success stories with some case studies to support.

Creating a story and moving people to take action is what will support the marketing and production capabilities in the long run. Unless we influence customers to a level that they are moved to take action, then the whole point of they visiting us is only a lead that is generated.

Similarly, we need focus and we must have the ability to cut clutter and traffic. We need the right persons to engage with us. If we are manufacturing shoes and we get a visitor who is looking for a washing machine, then it adds no value to our endeavours. The website may record a click and a visit. But was it a useful visitor who was relevant to us becomes an open question.

This is where design thinking plays a major role. KP Webtech as a leading website development company in Chennai have incorporated the best practises of design thinking and have some of the best web design company in Chennai.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is in simple terms defined as a creative method of problem solving by putting the user first. While there are many articles on design thinking, the rules are basically that we define the problem well and look for a comprehensive solution. This is doen by challenging existing limits and assumptions and opening the windows of innovation.

With designing websites, there are multiple challenges to the principles of design thinking since we have to satisfy a lot of stakeholders who may not be directly related to the core company, product or service. These include search engines, indexing directories and others.

Further, people want to visit a website because they

  • Want to learn/gain knowledge
  • Want to purchase a product or a service
  • Want to kill time and be entertained
  • They need information that is readily served. It is not to the point of gaining total knowledge but rather picking some cursory information (e.g., flower vendor near me)

A good website design company in Chennai must be able to understand all the pieces of the Zigzaw puzzle, put it all together, balance customer and end user aspirations and develop and deliver an elegant solution.

The socultion must also be secure with a SSL certificate, quick to load and satisfy the complex requirements of payment gateways and local hosts and servers. The technology used must be scalable and the whole project must be delilvered within the agreed time and budget.

How KP Webtech has used design thinking in making websites?

KP Webtech as a leading web design company in Chennai has helped customers achieve outstanding results with design thinking. We have wide exposure in different business verticals ranging from heavy engineering to services and have helped many company and brands make a mark and communicate their values with our impeccable solutions.

Technical Strength to Complement Good Design

Strong technology is also required to complement a design-based approach. After all, we cannot have a beautifully designed car with a faulty engine. Hence, while the design aesthetics must be maintained, strong website security and technology base is required to ensure quick loading, intuitive feel and operational prowess. The same is true whether it is a website or an app and as the best website design company in Chennai, we bring rich insight to these aspects.

Need for quick loading

Sureveys indicate that about 8 seconds is considered a basic benchmark to guage the loading speed of a page irrespective of the graphics or any other content in the site. Anything over 8 seconds will lead to a high bounce rate as impatient visitors will hurry away. For Google, speed of loading is a benchmark of user experience and hence, loading speed is important. In some cases, it is best to go for a standalone app instead of a web page, say for example and e-commerce website


Any solution delivered must be scalable and built with a vision. The only way to ensure this is to make an appropriate choice of a platform and proceed from there. Every project KP Webtech undertakes is bespoke and we have a detailed discussion with clients and proceed based on their aspirations.

These are just some of the reasons and case studies that have been highlighted. A detailed technical and design consultation with us will help you understand our prowess and also how we have helped brands and continue to help brands to succeed.

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