How KP Webtech Takes a Consultative Approach to Becoming a Leading WordPress Development

Any program that is written to collect and manage content needs to be written in a robust language to help the users manage their content as time marches on. This means that not only should it be scalable, but also, the language used must be stable. Further, data security is also important. By content, we mean not only text but any value or use in general.

How KP Webtech Takes a Consultative Approach to Becoming a Leading WordPress Development in Chennai

Further, the data that is being generated needs to be stored in a database. Thus, the database and the core language must pair well for effective functioning. If there is a mismatch, then the application will fail.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is developed using the language PHP, and it is often paired with a MySQL database. Did you know

52.7% of the websites on the world wide web use WordPress? That works out as 400 million people viewing 24 billion pages on the www! A lot of eyeballs aye?

So, what makes WordPress the platform of choice for web development? Some of the advantages of using WordPress are

1) WordPress is really cost-effective

Cheap is not the word, but cost-effectiveness is. Using WordPress, one can achieve more value for less investment since it has a robust support ecosystem and is an open-source platform.

2) World of Plugins

Plugins can enhance core features of a platform. Thus, while the world wide web keeps evolving, it is only a matter of using plugins to achieve the latest solutions. WordPress is extremely stable and has been built with scalability in mind. Thus, one need not be apprehensive when making a choice as future utility is guaranteed.

Website speed is extremely important to capture and retain user attention. Some of the best plugins to speed up

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. WP Super Minify
  4. BJ Lazy Load
  5. AMP for WP

These are only some of the many tools available. KP Webtech is also an expert in AMP website creation.

3) SEO Ready and SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly. KP Webtech, as a leading SEO company in Chennai, helps customers unlock top value with our integrated WordPress development in Chennai and SEO solutions. Some of the activities we do include aspects like setting time zones, ensuring stable database connections, correct permalinks, use of schema markups, content management and correct linking, among others. KP Webtech offers detailed SEO consultancy and is one of the Wordpress SEO companies in Chennai.

4) Design Options Galore

Aesthetic design is an absolute necessity to achieve top value. The design must move visitors to action. WordPress comes with numerous themes and templates. While many are free, they can be customised easily for your specific needs.

WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 offers new features like support for video subtitles, information panel design updates, column-based layouts, improved security and new API features. KP Webtech has complete knowledge in all these aspects, making us the best WordPress development company in Chennai.

Can WordPress be used for e-commerce?

Yes. WordPress can be used for ecommerce. If you are looking at the scale of Amazon, then you are mistaken. But for a general application of small and large size merchants, it offers an easy starting point. Woocommerce offers several free and proprietary tools and plugins to help deliver a seamless ecommerce experience.

Some of the advantages of Woocommerce, which we found in our experience as the leading Woocommerce Development Company in Chennai are

1) Modular Design

Woocommerce is modular in design. This means that though a plugin in itself, it can accommodate additional plugins without crashing or causing challenges to the Development during integration. This is especially useful as requirements get enhanced, or the website needs to be scaled up.

2) Security and Payment Gateway Integrations

Woocommerce is subject to constant updates. This means that the woocommerce websites have all its vulnerabilities covered. Further, it is also compatible with all the versions of WordPress that are rolled out. Multiple options for payment gateway integration gives it unmatched versatility. Imagine the freedom of working with more than 100+ payment service providers!

3) Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics capabilities presented in an easy to digest form means that users can get top value for their efforts and know how exactly the business is performing and where it needs improvement.

4) Your Store…Your Property

No more are you at the mercy of behemoths with their hard-nosed policies and pay for higher visibility. A woocommerce site gives you the freedom to play by your rules. Further, with SEO, it will supplement your efforts and help customers reach out to you directly. Thus you avoid paying unnecessary commissions to the ecommerce service providers.

The Consultative Approach to WordPress development in Chennai

How KP Webtech makes a difference to WordPress and Woocommerce to become the best WordPress Development in Chennai and a leading Woocommerce Development Company in Chennai?

KP Webtech has mastered the consultative approach to a project. We start only by analysing and understanding the customer’s problems, pain points and existing business arrangements. We love to empower our customers and add value to the business. This means that we bring transparency to all actions and a bias-free approach. With open dialogue and open-ended questions, we open the vistas of engagement and get the points that are overlooked or luring in nooks to the limelight.

Finally, after a thorough analysis, we distil the essence of the problem and first quantify it in mutually agreeable terms.

Once the problem is quantified, then we work on a solution to achieve value. Our solutions come in different forms, including but not limited to mock-ups, samples and prototypes, among others. Once we can work with the customers and test these initial samples, we can get a firm footing on what all works and does not work and tune our delivery and hypothesis model. We deliver multiple options and give customers a choice. Further, we are also able to quantify to what level each will be able to attack and solve the core issue. By empowering customers with multiple options, we give them a choice to act based on their own business ideas, budget and time frames.

Finally, we scale up and roll out the solution, achieving customer delight. Some of the proud titles are hold are reputed ecommerce development company in Chennai among others. You can even check out our Google reviews, interact directly with our clients to see how dependable we are and the unmatched value we add to operations.

Go on to engage with the experts at KP Webtech and fly on the winds of change.

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