How to have a Google my Business (GMB) profile?

KP Webtech makes you learn the best ways to publish the Google my Business posts that will bring you the utmost results, clicks and calls. At the same time, you can analyse the ways if any of your posts get rejected. KP Webtech believes that the best way to get the attention for your businesses and also to boost up your Google ranking, Google my Business is the best solution. We provide you the best Google my Business profiles for your growth.

What is the best feature?

The best feature to enhance your business is the Google my business posts. When you are making the best Google my Business posts, you will be able to promote your brand effectively, make your services reach out to more people, bringing your products, events, and offers into light.

Google My Business Service Agency in Chennai

Displaying the posts:

All your Google my business posts will be displayed at the bottom of your Google my business panel and also it provides you the information related to your business growth. KP Webtech, the best Google my business listing services in Chennai, helps you to list and display the posts.

Getting familiar with the GMB policy:

There are certain policies that you need to be familiar with; so that you can make your Google my Business posts reach to a greater audience. It is very mandatory that you always go with the Google my business posts content policy. If those policies are violated, then your post will be in the higher chances of getting rejected. We cover these policies as the Google my business listing Services Company in Chennai.

How to make a GMB post?

Firstly you need to log on to the GMB dashboard, where you will find some links on the left side to link with your posts. If you are starting a new business and if this is the first time you are getting into the panel, click the create your first post button. You will get a pop-up and you will also find options to select the type of post you are working into.

The types include:

COVID-19 update:

This option gives you all the updates of the changes that occurred during the period of COVID – 19.

Add offer:

This is an interesting type of post! If you provide some offers at your business, you can then add this offer here by specifying the time limit. By giving some additional options like, start and end date of the offer, the headlines, description for the offers, and even you can add the disclaimer options. As mentioned the starting and the ending date, these posts will stay only upto that time limit.

Add update:

If you are making any update in your business, then this type will be of great help. Here you can add any updates regarding your business and make them available to the customers for their easy access.

Here you can add information like, hiring a new employee, opening up to a new location, and also while adding up a new product.

Add event:

Special events make your business special. You can add all kinds of special events like ribbon cutting, special VIP visits, etc. with the time and date.

Add product:

You can make all your product updates here by including the product name, category and other information related to products. Make these done with the best Google my business marketing agency in Chennai.

Things to remember while making posts:

It is very important to make the posts added up with the Call to action (CTA). Some of the options include: book, order online, buy, learn more, sign up, and call now. Even you can add up with the UTM tracking for better tracking in Google analytics. KP Webtech brings you the best Google analytics services in Chennai.

How to achieve more from Google my business?

In order to achieve the best part out of the Google my business services, KP Webtech grows your business with our best Google my business services in Chennai. Those include:

Contact information: Add your address, service areas, hours of operation, and your phone number.

Description: To achieve a greater ranking, you need to focus more on the content of description about your business.

Reviews: Social proofs speak a lot. You can mention some of the positive reviews to enhance the ranking.

Posts: To increase the visibility of your site, posts play a major role. Adding up with the Call to action buttons, you can grow your business with the best Google my business services in Chennai.

Questions and answers: KP Webtech, the best SEO services in Chennai focuses more on quality than quantity. In such cases, you can add some questions and answers and also impart some of the photos and videos to improve the ranking.

How to handle rejected posts?

In case of the violation of the Google my business policies, you’re posts will be rejected. If you are using some of the sensitive contents that are violating the Google ad guidelines, you’re post will be rejected. In order to overcome that, avoid using website URL’s in your GMB posts, stop using ALL CAPS and also using stock images to get rid of rejection. You can even check your usage of words to avoid rejections.

Why KP Webtech?

The best Google my Business listing services in Chennai and the best seo company in chennai grows your business by imparting the best local business listing strategies. We bring you the best Google my business marketing strategies to work on with your business enhancements. We also make you to develop by looking into the insights of the posts and also help you with the management of lead to calls, website visits, GMB posts, sales and so on.

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