Facebook changes its company name to Meta - Mark Zuckerberg Keynote Announcements

Almost after 2 decades, Facebook changed its name to Meta which is coming up with an unexpected new change in the recent times. The CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg has changed the name to ‘Meta’ and announced this today.

Facebook Changes Company Name to Meta for Rebranding

Facebook Changes Company Name to Meta for Rebranding

Facebook connects with people via photos, videos, and text whereas the purpose of renaming the organization is to bring a different vision and experience to the company. It is for sure that they are adding new dimensions to the organization and at the same time they ensure that the people are enjoying it.

Where does it come from?

The term ‘Meta’ is derived from the term ‘metaverse’ which means an immense 3D environment where people can enjoy multiple spaces and share their virtual spaces as well. The CEO of the organization explains this in detail as they are defining the quality of work and enhancing the presence of Facebook among people. Their focus of building on this new outcome is to bring the ultimate feeling of making another person present with other fellow people. This kind of presence will be completely new and helps people to completely enjoy their friends’ presence. You can do anything you feel with your family and friends using this metaverse.

What’s interesting with meta?

The users will log onto meta using the VR helmets and they can engage with other friends and family members as holograms. This connects with the virtual world will help people to enjoy and resemble their real life also. This is going to belong to a separate division of a company and the other divisions will be created for future ideologies. This metaverse services are used in addition to the WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram and the CEO declares that the metaverse is the priority among all the other related services.

The features of metaverse:

As the connection between people are highly increasing, metaverse helps people to connect with their family and friends as in real lifetime. Making people anytime connected is a great thing that these services bring into being. The major focus of name change is to register their commitment to the society and deliver those changes with high end models.

3D spaces:

This 3D space feature will help people to connect, socialize, learn, collaborate, and play with their loved ones. Starting from the social connections, entertainment, games, better work environment, education, commerce, and to make reel things into real.

Virtual reality:

Using the virtual reality feature, people can get indulged into real-life components and at the same time they can enjoy themselves at their home. People can share their experiences and, they can create new memories and experiences with this VR feature. One of the products that they build using this metaverse in VR is ‘quest 2’. So, using this particular technology and product, one can connect with their friends using headsets for joining the concerts, movies, sports, events, and many more shared new experiences that they love to.

There is something interesting called as ‘workrooms’ which is also a VR space to connect with the people, develop, work and bring the ideas together even if the people are anywhere in the world. Today they are launching the ‘horizon workrooms’ that is a collaboration where people can connect regardless of their physical distance.

You can also listen to your favourite songs along with your friends using the ‘beat saber’ feature and technology and you can indulge in the enjoyment mode with your friends.

Facebook Virtual reality

Augmented reality:

With the virtual effects and with some playful features, you can enjoy the Augmented reality functions at eth swipe of your screen. You can enjoy these features with the people you love the most and make them connected with you with all the updates happening.

‘Spark AR’ is one of the products released with this feature and this is reaching billions of people done by the best AR creators. The AR creations are inbuilt with high end technology fashion and the most powerful AR software is produced to make people enjoy to the fullest.

You can also keep a track of all the AR affects you do from the Instagram and Facebook and explore them with your loved ones. This tool inspires all the effects on the Instagram and the resources that the AR creators develop are highly techy.

Facebook Augmented reality

Smart glasses:

Smart glasses come under one of the wearable technologies and this will act as a gateway entering the metaverse. You can interact with the world around you and even can connect with people anywhere in the world. With just a single touch, you can record audio, video using the smart glasses, and this is also designed for privacy that is being controlled by you.

The products that are built in the metaverse using the smart glass technology is ‘Rayban stories’ which can make people to capture, listen and share their beautiful memories and stories. This is in partnership with the Facebook.

This is a collective project where people can invest in immense learning and enjoyment and this kind of responsible innovations will help people to enjoy and share their experiences to the fullest with the ultimate security regions. Meta is going to be the social technology company, where this is brought into light to make the life of people much easier for connecting to the external world. People can discover their surrounding using the high-end technologies that meta brings like virtual reality, augmented reality, smart glasses and so on.

Facebook Smart glasses
Image credit: Metaverse
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