Black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO. How do they differ and what do they mean for your SEO approach

The thing which is relating to specific techniques of SEO is the same thing which is used to improve the search engine ranking of a website or the webpage – black hat, white hat and grey hat SEO.

Black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO. How do they differ and what do they mean for your SEO approach

White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Gray Hat SEO: What’s the Difference?

The Black hat and white hat has its origin from the western films of 1920’s. This is just a simple technique to help people understand who the villain of the film is. Villain – wears a black hat and hero – wears a white hat. These terms are much related to describe the hackers and used in terms of security.

White – Hat and Black – Hat:

If anybody needs to implement the optimization techniques by following the laws and restrictions of search engines, then they can use white hat SEO technique.

If we implement all these things into the website then it can be considered as a good practice to boost SEO with the leading SEO Company in Chennai, KP Webtech.

The longevity of the white hat SEO is considered to be higher and for a longer time when compared to black hat SEO. Even the risks are also substantially high with black hat SEO techniques.

7 White Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Quality content
  2. Content-relevant keywords
  3. Keyword-rich page titles and metadata
  4. Lean code/well-structured markup language
  5. Authoritative inbound links
  6. Simple website navigation
  7. Fast page loading times

Guidelines provided by Google:

Google has a set of super cool webmaster guidelines which are being used by the SEO professionals and also provides the information of identifying the landing websites. These are at times mentioned as the “Quality guidelines” and they are nothing but the most common forms of unethical or manipulative behaviour. The activities of cloaking contents, doorway pages, and scraped contents are mentioned in those guidelines. There are also some references that include the measures to lessen these behaviours of manipulation in SERP’s like Penguin, Panda, and Payday.

Why KP Webtech SUPPORTS white hat SEO?

White hat SEO includes – THE RULES
  1. The creation of new techniques
  2. Creating unique and diverse content
  3. Using high-quality keywords
  4. Using good Meta data
  5. Easy to navigate structure with superior UI/UX designs

KP Webtech believes only in the good practices of SEO and we serve as the leading SEO providers in Chennai. We follow the Google guidelines to achieve the same. The best optimization of SEO tactics and strategies involves only the good practices of SEO which completely follow the search engine rules and practices. It mostly contains the research, craft titles, Meta tags, according to the webpage, industry, and relevance. This allows you to get the link of quality content, and consists of natural links. This white hat SEO also contains ethical SEO and KP Webtech believes that it is used for long term goals and benefits.

The best SEO services in Chennai, helps you to achieve the organic results with the leading on page SEO optimization and off page optimization. Such beneficial things are possible with the good SEO practices of white hat SEO.

What is grey hat SEO and how do we implement?

Starting with grey hat SEO, there are certain opinions with this, but it is a combination of white hat and black hat techniques. KP Webtech primarily focuses on the white hat SEO only and we partially work on the grey hat SEO. In order to run down the line for highest Google rankings, grey hat SEO tactics will help.

For instance,

If we take the purpose of “link building”, one needs to use white hat techniques to create good contents to educate, inform and delight the people. If this happens only, the people will link to the site for resource.

The black hat technique for this purpose will be adding the private blog networks (PNB) to the link and paying for links. This is completely going against the Google guidelines mentioned. Hence, this must be avoided. Creating valuable contents will reach the people and helps to link the sites and it is considered to be upon the Google guideline measures.

Why KP Webtech Doesn’t Support black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO includes – THE RISK
  1. Going against the rules
  2. Using tactics that goes against the guidelines
  3. Also leading to some dangerous activities

All these things above mentioned are upon the – general consensus of the most common SEO professionals based on some ethical guidelines and also pertaining to a governing body which is the SEARCH ENGINE

Black hat SEO techniques also includes inserting auto-generated pages in the website, irrelevant keywords, hidden texts, cloaking the content, spamdexing, and many other unethical tactics. If any user identifies the things that ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, they have an option to report it. The search engine by itself can also have options to detect any unusual behaviour in the site, the danger of several reports on it, and identifies the possibility of a website getting banned.

5 Black Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Meta Keyword Stuffing
  3. Link Farming
  4. Cloaking Your Content
  5. Publishing Bad Content

Why KP Webtech?

In order to achieve high ranking in Google, many features and aspects must be addressed and one among them is the On page SEO and Off page SEO. Utilizing the title tags, internal links, external links, back linking, local SEO, social media, and branding, your online presence can be highly taken care by us. KP Webtech is the leading SEO service providers in Chennai and we make use of numerous SEO marketing tools to enhance your brand in a very professional fashion.

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